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Can Chiropractic Care Help?

For over a century, people of all ages and sizes have been turning to chiropractic health care. For a wide range of health conditions, from migraines to heel pain, they have sought the professional care of a trained chiropractor. Below are short descriptions of some of the situation where Dr. Raj and his West Chester, PA based team have helped their patients by offering a good health care/treatment alternative through chiropractic care.

You Have Been in an Accident

In the body, trauma can cause spinal misalignments that can distort the structure and irritate the bones, nerves, ligaments, and discs in your body. Any accident can cause nerve-damaging misalignments, no matter how minor the accident was. To ensure that your spine is free from these health-compromising adjustments and to avoid any long-term harm, our chiropractor will give you a spinal check-up in our West Chester office.
Conditions we treat in West Chester, PA Neck Pain, Back Pain, and Lower Back Pain

You have a Sports or Work-Related Injury

Spinal nerves can be impeded when a subluxation has been triggered by repetitive stress or overused at work or play. In turn, this can have a negative effect on one’s range of motion, agility, reflexes, stamina, and ultimately performance. In either scenario, chiropractic treatment will help the body regain natural nerve function and help you get back to your peak performance.

You are simply in pain

Interruption of proper nerve flow, for whatever reason, can eventually lead to pain, disability, and an overall decrease in the quality of life. You don’t need to live with it- we can help you get to the root of the problem, set your body up to heal, and restore your health. We have on-site doctors to help with pain management.

You are pregnant

In almost every part of the body, the extra weight and tension on the structure of the body during pregnancy can cause pain. Since pregnant women are often hesitant to take any over-the-counter and prescription pain relievers, they often resort to chiropractic medicine to help alleviate pregnancy-related pains. Furthermore, we can also provide lifestyle advice specific to the expectant mother (especially diet and exercise).
Dr. Raj with pregnant patient with lower back pain in West Chester, PA
Dr. Raj an d Ally donating books in West Chester, PA

You Have Young Children

Babies and children are rapidly growing and their muscles, ligaments, and bones are rapidly evolving. For years, a leap, tumble, or fall can jar the body, damage the spine (and probably the nervous system), and then go undetected. Also simple factors may have detrimental effects on the health of an infant, such as a heavy backpack or an ill-fitting car seat.
It’s clear with these things in mind that babies and kids have a lot to learn from chiropractic care. Normal spinal examinations will provide “little ones” with corrective and preventive care, as well as parental peace of mind.
There is also much to be learned as parents of small children. We may provide advice on how to pick up and bear a newborn, and an evaluation of any physiological changes that may have occurred during pregnancy, childbirth, and/or delivery for post-partum mothers.

Treating Teenagers

The bodies of adolescents are also growing at a rapid rate. This sets them up for a wide variety of physical challenges, coupled with the fact that teens sometimes believe they are invincible – making teenagers more prone to accidentally hurt themselves.
Imagine your teenager hearing the advantages of healthy nutrition, exercise, posture, and other positive lifestyle habits from someone other than you! Your teenager would have a body that is structurally and physically sound with frequent visits to your chiropractic doctor, and continue live out healthy lifestyle practices in hope of a long and healthy life.
Dr. Raj West Chester, PA
Dr. Raj and colleagues with out door teaching table in West Chester, PA

Helping Patients in their “Golden Years” (geriatric patients)

There are many physical conditions associated with aging, and to address these issues, medications and surgery are frequently administered. Sometime little attention is paid to actually addressing the cause of these issues with little to no focus on preventing them.
But you don’t need to succumb. Chiropractors accept the symptoms of aging and have for decades helped people cope with the aches and pains associated with aging. We diagnose the ailment, assess what induces it, and then select from a range of gentle therapeutic strategies to relieve it.
We will also direct you through basic lifestyle changes (i.e. diet, exercise, stress management) that can improve the quality of your life. Old habits are hard to break, but it is never too late to start a healthy habit! GEt started today!

I feel fine, do I really need a chiropractor?

In short, you might not! But there are a lot of advantages to seeing a chiropractor regularly. A chiropractor will help you maintain your ideal health and fitness level, even though you may feel great. It is also possible to exhibit spinal abnormalities that display no signs at all. However, problems may arise in the future.
Much like your vehicle is recommended for regular automobile maintenance appointments/checkups, and regular dental cleanings is recommended for your teeth, regular chiropractic check-ups can help to diagnose and avoid spinal tension or joint disorders.
For some of our patients, we have found regular chiropractic care can is a great health care alternative that will help you remain healthy longer and provide you with more energy throughout your day. It can also save you money down the line by taking preventative measures sooner than later – not to mention chiropractic care is often accepted by most insurance providers. A better quality of life awaits you – contact the professionals at Goshen Family Chiropractic today!
Dr. Raj with a geriatric patient in West Chester, PA
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