Conditions We Treat: Headaches
in West Chester, PA

Treating Headaches
in West Chester, PA

In our fast-paced, pressure-filled world, headaches are normal. Physical trauma, mental stress, dietary deficiencies, or chemical contaminants are many causes of headaches. In addition, this may affect nerves, muscles, and even blood flow to your brain if your neck and/or back are out of alignment. Too often, to ease our pain, we turn to over-the-counter drugs. These just mask the underlying causes of pain, sadly.

Migraines & Headaches - Can Chiropractic care help?

We will decide whether chiropractic health care is the right option for treating your chronic headaches after your initial chiropractic test. The frequency and severity of headaches can be significantly decreased by a combination of chiropractic adjustments and dietary and lifestyle improvements.

It is important to realize that progress will take time if you've suffered from persistent headaches for years. But a visit to our offices is an ideal starting point. Ultimately, headaches may be caused by a number of sources and if we are unable to determine the cause of your headache, we will refer you to other specialists who may be able to help.

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