Conditions We Treat: Osteoarthritis
in West Chester, PA

Treating Osteoarthritis
in West Chester, PA

Osteoarthritis is the degeneration caused by "wear-and-tear" processes of the cartilage and bones of joints. Degenerative changes in the disc are frequently associated with it and result in friction between adjacent vertebrae. The friction creates a tension in the facets (gliding joints) of the spine as well as a loss of motion. The outcomes can be serious low-back and/or leg pain if these joints are subjected to continued trauma such as strenuous exercise, weakening muscles, and the unavoidable causes of aging and heredity.

Chiropractic Care and Osteoarthritis

Although chiropractic care cannot stop all aspects of osteoarthritis, when living with the condition, we can increase the quality of life. Your spine is typically less flexible if you suffer from osteoarthritis, so it becomes more vulnerable to injury. Your treatment under our care can include spinal changes, physical therapy, and exercises to stretch and strengthen. In order to monitor your pain and discomfort, we may also suggest natural, drug-free methods to help manage your pain.

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