Chiropractor Advice to Avoid Back Injuries

From poor posture to an accident, while lifting a heavy object, our patients came to us looking for pain relief. And we are more than happy to help them return to their regular activities and full enjoyment of life. But we are also aware that many people do not know that they can avoid back injuries if they are more careful. According to statistical data collected by Georgetown University, back pain is one of the most frequent complaints among Americans. No less than 65 million people have reported a case of back pain in the recent period. And 16 million people (8% of the adult US population) suffer from chronic back pain. If you want to avoid back injuries, always bend your knees and lift up the heavy item while keeping your back straight. Likewise, when changing direction (turning around a corner) while carrying a heavy object, make the movement with your legs, not your upper torso. And always start your workout routines with a series of stretching exercises. Their purpose is to prepare the muscles to expand and contract to their full range and sustain the extra effort.

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