How NOT to become a COUCH POTATO in theses winter months and be ready for Spring Cleaning and Summer Fun!!!!!!

1. Treat your body like the most prized possession -Don’t put yourself in the backseat; figure out a plan to help yourself become a better person. Example- eating healthy, and staying active 2. Find exercises that you like to do -Any exercises/ physical activity will do; whether it is window shopping at the mall or exercising at the gym, getting the blood moving is the goal 3. BALANCE your diet while not hating Dinner time -no need to cut out things that you love to eat; so limit yourself to one and make a deal to do more exercise so you can enjoy that Insomnia Cookie with milk 4. Get enough sleep at night -there is no need to watch that extra episode of Yellowstone, it will be in your DVR next time you start watching. 5. While watching TV doing something or take breaks -take breaks in between episodes and go for a walk or change the laundry over, and then during the next show fold the laundry. 6. Listen to your Body -Any Injuries, sores, tenderness, or anything that bothers you, go get it looked at because you do not want to be side lined for the spring and summer when it is beautiful out.

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