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Summer is ending soon. Sadly, this means that many healthy habits start to take a back seat. Exercise gets replaced with errands, the days get shorter, and food changes from fresh summer produce to fall and winter comfort foods. Here’s how you can take advantage of the coming months to work on your health goals without losing the progress you made over the summer.

1. Get more sleep: Shorter days means more darkness at night. This leads to more opportunities for sleep. A good night’s sleep is essential for

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Did you know?

The thoracic spine has 12 nerve roots (T1 to T12) on each side of the spine that branch from the spinal cord and control motor

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Post Tittle – Testing

Post content – From poor posture to an accident, while lifting a heavy object, our patients came to us looking for pain relief. And we

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Self Care is Health Care


Self Care is Health Care:  5 Easy Steps to Take of Yourself When You’re Busy.  Life can get hectic sometimes. In those chaotic moments, it’s

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