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5 Chiropractic Care Tips for Optimal Spine Health

1. Exercise Regularly: One of the best things you can do for spine health is to exercise regularly. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommends at least 30 minutes of physical activity daily.

2. Pay Attention to Your Posture: Poor posture is a major contributor to chronic back problems and spinal issues. Sitting up straight while watching television, working at a desk, or sitting at the table for a meal can eliminate many back and neck issues.

You should also get up and stretch at least once an hour if you work at a desk. This will help you better maintain your posture.

3. Wear Good Shoes: Just like your body needs support while you’re sleeping, your feet and spine need support while walking. Good shoes give you a strong base to help keep your body and spine in alignment.

4. Reach and Bend with Care: Take care when reaching to get something from up high or bending to pick something up off the ground. Do not overextend your back when reaching up to a high shelf. Use a sturdy stepladder or stool instead. When picking up heavy objects off the floor, always bend with your knees and not your back. Try to keep your back straight and supported by engaging your core as you lift the object back up.

5. Don’t Ignore Warning signs: Finally, if you start to feel a small pain in your back while doing an activity, STOP IMMEDIATELY! Listen to your body and try it again. The same goes for persistent pain in your back or neck. Even a small, constant pain could indicate much bigger issues.

Do not mess around with your spine health. Follow these 5 tips to protect yourself from injury, and always pay attention to how your spine feels. If you do feel something amiss, you need to see a chiropractor right away.


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